Suggested Reading

If you are moving to Switzerland, here are a few books that you may enjoy reading. Please note that you can help support this website by purchasing these books using the links below.

The definitive guide to living in Switzerland, this is the one book
that you should absolutely purchase if you are considering a move to
Switzerland or if you have just arrived.  Full of good tips and
practical information on just about every aspect of Swiss life.

A really interesting exploration of the Swiss and what makes them
tick.  Reading this book will help you understand more than the way
the Swiss act and behave — it helps you to understand the underlying
historical and social reasons for their behaviour.

Short, sweet, and slightly tongue-in-cheek, this guide to the Swiss
was published well before Swiss Watching
It's a little less historical and academic in its approach, but it's
still afun look at the idiosyncracies of the Swiss

Diccon Bewes's latest book, building upon the detailed look at the
Swiss in his earlier one.

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