Getting your car inspected (MFK / Controle Technique)

After five years and then every two your car is due a test. The Swiss are actually quite relaxed about the taking of the test and allow you to choose when you want to do it. If you do not respond to thefirstlettertheysend you an appointment which you can change to something more suitable as long as it is three days or more in advance. If you need to change it at more short notice don’t! Simply fail to turn up. This costs nothing whereas if you contact them then you have to pay the charge… Assuming you deliberately do not turn up they will then send you a recorded delivery letter and then you must turn up or change the appointment three days in advance. Here they have proof of delivery and can enforce it, whereas upto this point you can play ignorant.When you go to the test you do NOT need to have winter tyres on and if you have non-original wheels for your winter rubbers then put the originals back on otherwise you are liable to fail as I did.The test itself is quite thorough but any reasonable condition car will pass and you can also have a garage check it beforehand for around CHF 300 if you are unsure. I do not quite understand the logic here as the test itself costs only CHF 60-120(Yep you guessed it varies by Canton!)

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